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Lintum may be used for smaller (e.g. litigation, preparation of standard contracts) as well as major RfPs (e.g. M&A transactions, comprehensive compliance investigations). The advantage to use Lintum for all external legal services purchased is that an inhouse lawyer will have the full overview at any point in time over the complete external legal spend through the dashboard implemented in the tool.

Transparency is central to our DNA, and we act as neutral trusted partners for both corporates and law firms. Lintum offers the opportunity to corporates to invite as many law firms as desired to respond to an RfP, and to draw a ‘side by side’ comparison between the responses received, based on economic and qualitative criteria. The in-built documentation of this process is tamper-proof.

We would be glad to support selected charities. Please contact our team at hello@lintum.com for further information.

Lintum is a cloud-based solution and, as such, can be easily used upon installation with any up-to-date browser. As a result of the intuitive set-up, no trainings are required.

Lintum collects data as part of your use of the tool. All data is stored with encryption in a redundant way in Microsoft’s cloud in Western Europe. The software is “made in Germany”. Further information regarding this data, and why we collect such data, can be found in our Data Protection Statement.

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