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Lintum – Ihre Legal Procurement Lösung


Compare properly!

Are you fed up with opaque rankings and the lack of precise criteria?
Our benchmarking compares what really counts - in detail and tailored to your needs.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get the best quality at the best conditions.


Share your experience!

After each mandate, the tool automatically collects individual and constructive feedback on the quality of the cooperation with the law firm.


Get the best offer.

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive real-time quotes on your tender to get the highest quality at the best conditions.


Answer questions only once!

Our Q&A tool enables a dynamic exchange between you and your law firm. This significantly improves the scope and transparency of your project. And you save time. Answer a question only once. Visible to all involved and thus transparent.


Stay on top of things!

Your journey with Lintum starts with our intuitive dashboard. Instant overview of metrics such as status of previous tenders, achieved savings and current fee structure.


The transparency you want.

Compare apples with apples, not with pears. See all offers at a glance. The transparency you need to make sensible decisions.


Conflict Check, compliance issues, etc.

Conflict Check, compliance issues, etc. - we think of all possible risks and cover them. We are secretive. Law firms do not see names of competitors and Lintum does not see transaction details.


Our tool works intuitively.

Our tool works intuitively. Immediate start without IT setup or long training courses, cloud and software "Made in Germany". Seamless integration with your procurement tools.


Our service

Our team of external legal services procurement experts is always ready to assist you.

Our team will help you onboard the tool and guide you adeptly through your first mandates with Lintum.